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UOSC, empowering any student with a passion for software to achieve more.

We will help you take your software development skills to the next level, and land that dream internship.

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An internship at Riot Games

In this post, I will be going through my internship experience, providing insight and tips for students that are interested in Riot Games!

The UOSC Approach

In the vast and growing world of software, it is vital to be surrounded by like minded individuals in the field. This allows one to grow at a faster rate by sharing their knowledge and learning from peers and mentors.

The uOttawa Software Club hosts open-source projects on GitHub providing a place for members to make contributions and participate in meaningful real-world impacting developments.

We are also commited to providing a vivid competitive experience within the club by hosting events during LeetCode Competitions.

Together, let's discover what
you are truly capable of. ✌

Together, let's discover what you are truly capable of. ✌

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